Monday, October 20, 2014

When was the last time you did something for YOU?

Let's face it, life is hectic!!

Most of our days, are spent doing something for someone else. I am not saying that is a bad thing. As a spouse, parent, friend, co-worker, business owner and many more, we all spend a majority of our lives giving.

The problem comes when we have given all of ourselves. Yes, you are a spouse, parent, friend, etc., etc. But, first and foremost, you are you!! Don't ever lose track of your hearts desires in the busyness of life.

There is a saying, "If mom's not happy, no one is happy". It is harsh, but true.

In the last year, my family has made some major life changes. It is all good. We all are very happy where life has taken us, BUT!! But, in the process of keeping life happy, keeping the plates spinning, and keeping my family on the straight and narrow, I lost me. I took on the pressure, and in the process kind of forgot about what really made me happy. I lost my self confidence. I doubted that my art was any good. I worried more about what others thought, then what I thought.

So, earlier this month, after taking the family on our first real getaway in a long time, I broke out my paints and painted for ME. This painting is just for me. It won't be for sale. It was me finding me, and it turned out perfect!! It is an amazing feeling to get to this place in my life. I painted what I liked, and I don't care if someone else likes it or not.

This painting is my heart. I call it "Circles of Life". When I look at it, it shows me that life is a colorful mess, sometimes up, and sometimes down, but ALWAYS good. It now hangs in my dining room area, and it makes me smile.

Life is good. Life is really really good!!!

When was the last time you did something for you?
And if you are an artist, when was the last time you hung up your own art?
You are amazing. You are worthy. Your art is worthy. Do it!!!

The little LB in the corner is new. In the past I always just signed the backs. I have decided that I like it. LB is me, it's time to let the REAL me be seen, and not care if someone likes me or not.

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Introducing a stunning new artist on my blog tonight

Hello everyone.

Lori here. Today, on my blog, I would like to introduce an AMAZING new artist to you. This lady has been around for about 17 years, but is just starting to find her heart in the art community.

She works in bold beautiful colors. The piece I am sharing was first hand drawn and then meticulously colored and shaded. Each piece takes her days to finish. The details up close are just beyond impeccable.

This artist was raised in household by a father who has an eye for detail and a mother who is an artist herself. Though, her mother believes with all her heart that her daughter is far more talented than she will ever be.

You could say I discovered this artist. But, the real truth is that I gave birth to this artist. The immensely talented lady behind this gorgeous piece is my very own daughter, Liz Batronis. Tears. So very proud!!

Darlin, when you are a world renowned artist, don't forget who bought you your first yellow Sharpie. I love you Sweety. You rock!!!

Thursday, August 21, 2014

Sedona trip with the family

In the end of July, we ran away from the stress of packing and moving, and took a day trip to explore the red rock of Sedona, AZ. Simply beautiful. Very inspiring!! Here are a few pics. You can find all of the pics at the flickr link below.

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Relax - Life is good

Since, we started this cross country adventure, I have not done much relaxing.

In December, everything we had and knew was loaded into a semi truck and moved across the country to a rental house. In the last 7 months, three kids started in new schools, I unpacked all the boxes, one graduated, we found the house of our dreams, we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we repacked everything we had and knew, and we moved again.

Thankfully, life is slowly started to look like a new normal. So, I will finally get to start painting and blogging again.

One day in early April, I celebrated the Anniversary of my birth and took a day and hid in my rented studio space. (AKA the formal dining room) This painting is what came out of me. Here in the southwest, there are some beautiful colors in the skies around sunset each evening. I painted this painting remembering those skies.

Some up close pics of all the wonderful texture. This is one of those paintings with a great surface that makes you want to reach out and touch it.


Sorry there are no instructions or even a product list of what I used. It was just time for me to just release and RELAX from all the outside stresses.

I like it both horizontal and vertical.

This painting is a signed (on the back) original by me. Even with a new house, I can not keep everything I paint, so if you are interested in Relax, this piece can be purchased on Etsy at:

Thanks to everyone who has helped my family physically, emotionally and prayerfully over the last 7 months. You guys have all been our rock!!!

God Bless!!