Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Relax - Life is good

Since, we started this cross country adventure, I have not done much relaxing.

In December, everything we had and knew was loaded into a semi truck and moved across the country to a rental house. In the last 7 months, three kids started in new schools, I unpacked all the boxes, one graduated, we found the house of our dreams, we celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary, we repacked everything we had and knew, and we moved again.

Thankfully, life is slowly started to look like a new normal. So, I will finally get to start painting and blogging again.

One day in early April, I celebrated the Anniversary of my birth and took a day and hid in my rented studio space. (AKA the formal dining room) This painting is what came out of me. Here in the southwest, there are some beautiful colors in the skies around sunset each evening. I painted this painting remembering those skies.

Some up close pics of all the wonderful texture. This is one of those paintings with a great surface that makes you want to reach out and touch it.


Sorry there are no instructions or even a product list of what I used. It was just time for me to just release and RELAX from all the outside stresses.

I like it both horizontal and vertical.

This painting is a signed (on the back) original by me. Even with a new house, I can not keep everything I paint, so if you are interested in Relax, this piece can be purchased on Etsy at:

Thanks to everyone who has helped my family physically, emotionally and prayerfully over the last 7 months. You guys have all been our rock!!!

God Bless!!

Monday, August 18, 2014

I'm NOT dead!!!

Hello all!!!! No!! The rumors are not true. I am not dead!! So very sorry for the complete Lori's Happy Place hiatus. My family moved twice in 7 months and between those times we had one graduation, three kids start new schools, one car that needed work, and another that died completely. Good news is, I am HOME!! We have moved into our new home, and my new studio, and I am now officially UNPACKED!!!! I plan to start painting and sharing again tomorrow. Stay tuned tomorrow to see one of the only few things I painted in the last 7 months. I took some time on my birthday in April and just had some fun. Can't wait to share.

Love and missed you all


Monday, March 31, 2014

March Creative Dare with Tracy Weinzapfel - I am

Today, I am sharing my Creative Dare for March. Each month, Tracy challenges her Mixed Media Monday group to a creative dare. It is just a way to keep us all creating and thinking outside our comfort zone. I have been way stressed out lately and creativity has not really been flowing, but I sat down and finally got to my March Challenge. It was really good to get messy and just be ME. (Even if I had to dust off a few things in the studio to do it.)

I am ..... ME
(Love, Honesty, Faith, Friendship, Happiness, and yes CHAOS)

You can check out more about Tracy's March Creative Dare at:

Come join in the fun with us!!
Get messy!! Br creative!! And live outside your comfort zone!!

Saturday, March 22, 2014

Mixed Media Monday's with Tracy Weinzapfel

What do I do on Monday nights?

Monday's are my favorite day of the week,
and it is all because of what I do on Monday nights. 

I spend my Monday nights with a bunch of close friends. We watch Tracy Weinzapfel as she paints LIVE on Ustream, learn about new techniques and products, and chat about art and life.  Over the years, this group has grown from just a few to over 750. As we have shared our art and lives with each other, we have become a small community who cares deeply for each others.

Each week, Tracy inspires us to live outside our comfort zone and create every day. She does this with an absolutely genuine heart and a sense of humor that is infectious. She has taught us that everyone makes mistakes, that mistakes are just opportunities to grow and learn, and that everyone can be an artist. Never be afraid to try!!

Personally, Tracy has helped me be ME and not hide that person deep inside. She challenges me both artistically and personally. She has helped me through artistic slumps and life's little bumps in the road. Her motto is, "What you see is what you get". That is 100% true. Tracy couldn't be fake if she tried. It is just not in her nature.

If you are looking for a place where you can share your art, learn about techniques, and truly just have an ENORMOUS amount of fun, then please join us on Monday Night's. It is an unscripted, hilarious, educational, and fun time to hang out with friends.

You can find us on Ustream at:

All past videos, can be viewed at:

Come join the fun!! I promise, you will not be disappointed!!